Project Details Al Dhafra Solar PV (IPP) is the world’s largest Single-Site Solar Power Plant under construction with a capacity of 2100 MW. The plant is located 35 km South of Abu Dhabi City. The plant will be lifting Abu Dhabi’s solar power capacity to around 3.2 gigawatts. SAMT was subcontracted by China Machinery Engineering […]

Project Details Al Shamal Cement Factory PV Project is the first and largest solar power plant of its kind in Atbarah city north of the Republic of Sudan, with a capacity of 54.1 MW to cover the energy needs of Al Shamal Cement Factory. SAMT was responsible for all the Mechanical Construction works. The completion […]

Project Details Al Kharsaah PV Project is the first large-scale Solar Power Plant being developed in Qatar, with a total of 800 MWp, which provides energy to The Government of Qatar. The project is in Al Kharsaah village which is located in the municipality of Al-Shahaniya, approximately 80 km west of the capital Doha. SAMT […]

Project Details Noor Abu Dhabi Solar Project (Sweihan) is a 1,177 MWp solar photovoltaic (PV) independent power project (IPP) located in Sweihan, Abu Dhabi, UAE. It is amongst the world’s biggest solar PV plants. SAMT was responsible for the Construction and Project Management of all mechanical works. The project was completed and delivered by October […]

Project Details Layla is the first (IPP) project and PPA agreement developed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It’s located in Alaflaj town with a capacity of 13.6 MWp. SAMT was responsible for the Construction and Project Management of both electrical and mechanical works. The project was completed by August 2018 and delivered to Belectric […]

Project Details NOOR La’ayoun is an 85 MWp PV Power Plant that provides energy for The Moroccan Government. The project was located 10 km southeast of Edchera (village) and 26 km southeast of the city of Laayoune. SAMT took the scope of Testing and Commissioning. The project date of completion was August 2018 for Ideematec […]

Project Details Orange PV Power Plant is a private project that covers the needs of Orange Telecommunication Company with a capacity of 25 MWp. The project is located in Mafraq Governorate, 80 km to the north from the capital Amman, Jordan. SAMT’s scope was the construction of both mechanical and electrical works, along with Testing […]

Project Details Alcazar PV Power Plant is a project divided into four (4) sites each is 64 MWp totaling 256MWp. The Power Plant was located in Benban, Aswan Governorate (50km north of Aswan City) in Egypt. SAMT took the scope of Testing and Commissioning in this project. The date of completion was in March 2019 […]

Project Details Lafarge PV Power Plant covered the needs of Lafarge Cement Factory. The Project’s capacity is 15.65 MWp, located in Alkadesiya south of Tafileh Governorate, Jordan. SAMT was responsible for the Construction of both Mechanical and Electrical works, along with Testing and Commissioning. The Completion date was August 2019 and delivered to Belectric Gulf; […]

Project Details Umniah PV Power Plant covers the need of Umniah Telecommunication Company. The total project capacity was 17.75MWp distributed along with four sites. Three of them are located in Almafraq Governate circumference (Dhulail, Halabat, and Khaldeye). The fourth was in Al-Azraq. SAMT took the Construction of both Electrical and Mechanical works along with Testing […]